You don't have to raise your hand!

I’m a pretty decisive person. I confess, sometimes I’m decisive to a fault. Because of this tendency, I attempt to compensate by intentionally questioning myself as well as asking those around me to speak into situations in my life as they arise.

Today I have several post ideas swimming around in my thoughts but I don’t have time to write them all tonight, tomorrow, or even next week.

Can you help me prioritize?

Which of these titles would you be most likely to read?

  • A church planter’s digital toolbox (Thoughts from an article tweeted by my buddy Jayson over at A Byrd’s Eye View)
  • The first five years: why statistically many churches’ first five years are their most fruitful
  • The new church lobby/foyer: why church websites, video, & social media are important for churches
  • What if they hadn’t been planted?
  • Darkness, a mountain path, and the light of a cell phone
  • Why I like “The City” by Zondervan
  • Why use a trail guide?
  • Leading from consensus
  • Thoughts from “The Unchurched Next Door” by Rainer

Maybe they should all be scrapped. If you think so, say so.

So help me out. You don’t even have to raise your hand, just speak up and tell me what you think in the comments section below.



  1. Tina Bulinski

    The first five years, since we experienced the first five years of a new church, I am would be interested in this. BUT, they all sound great! Godspeed!

    • PBJN

      Thanks for the input everybody. It’s 11 and I just got back to my computer– I’m not writing tonight. Maybe a few others will have weighed in by tomorrow.

    • Absolutely perfect! Just found you on Just a Girl. I’m your nweset follower:) I love the color and the way it makes the moulding pop. I just primed mine all white and have been trying to decide where to go with color. So inspiring. Bless you for your outspoken faith!

  2. I’ve got three I want to read:
    1. The first five years:
    2. The new church lobby/foyer:
    3. What if they hadn’t been planted?

    I also want to see the “Darkness, a mountain path, and the light of a cell phone” in print, but the first three would be my priorities.

  3. Doreen

    I would like to read:

    What if they had not been planted.
    Thoughts from the “The Unchurched Next Door”
    The first five years.
    The new church lobby/foyer.

    In that order pretty much…….

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